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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 34 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2017

Clay Modeling Technique Used in the Making of Qin Shihuang Terra-Cotta Warriors

Li Xiaochun
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The terra-cotta warriors in the burial pit at Qin Shihuang is the greatest wonder in the history of mankind. Due to its size and authenticity it attracts visitors from different parts of the world from the moment it was discovered in 1974. The scope of burial place is
enormous covering total area of pits 1, 2 and 3 over 20,000 square meters. The burial pit contains about 8 thousand life-size terracotta warrior and horse fi gures, arranged in order, and in rows and according to military ranks. It is a real treasure-trove, the greatest discovery in the history of archaeology in China.
Keywords: the terracotta army, Qin Shihuan, Funerary sculpture, ancient China,
discovered, history.
1. Arkheologicheskaya ekspeditsiya po raskopkam terrakotovykh fi gur iz mogil’nogo
kurgana Tsin’ Shikhuana. Doklad o raskopkakh fi gur voinov iz raskopa № 1 mogil’nogo kurgana Tsin’ Shikhuana, chast’ 1 // NII arkheologii provintsii Shen’si. Pamyatniki material’noy kul’tury, 1998.
2. Li Dinsyuan’. Naturalisticheskiy khudozhestvennyi stil’ tsin’skikh terrakotovykh
fi gur // Narodnoe obrazovanie provintsii Shen’si. Muzey terrakotovykh fi gur voinov
Tsin’ Shikhuana, 1996. 762 s.
3. Lyu Syaochun’, Yuan’ Chzhun’i, Chzhan Gumin’. K shirote i detal’nosti —
korotko ob iskusstve tsin’skikh terrakotovykh fi gur // Sbornik statey po issledovaniyam
tsin’skikh terrakotovykh fi gur. Izobrazitel’noe iskusstvo naroda provintsii Shen’si,
1990. 134 s.
4. Syuy Zhen’bo. Issledovanie iskusstva tsin’skikh terrakotovykh figur. Sian’:
Kartografi cheskoe izd., 1993. 96 s.
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