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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 31 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2017

Brief Analysis of the Characteristic National Style in the Work of the Chinese Composer Li Yinghai

Dong Wan
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 Traditional Chinese classical music has the charm of peace and elegance. The refreshing and graceful sentiments displayed in music give the audience an aesthetic experience of relaxation and peace. With the rich traditional Chinese music language, the advantage provided by western musical instruments, the diversity of piano performance practices, the imitation of timbre features from other instruments, as well as strong harmonies and interwoven melodies, Li Yinghai creates a pure and wonderful world of music. He also shapes a unique artistic conception with the combination of Chinese classical music and piano, which caters to the audience’s appreciation, and demonstrates the Chinese piano music style. This article analyzes Li Yinghai’s piano performance style and his music in a comprehensive framework.
Keywords: imitation of traditional music; piano music; Chinese style; Li Yinghai.
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Price: 50 рублей
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