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"The Scientific Opinion" №14 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2016


O. B. Polushina
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 The article provides a defiition of pedagogical tolerance as a professionally important
quality of a teacher, shows the rationale of pedagogical tolerance for the organisation
and realisation of educational work. Pedagogical tolerance is a systemic and integrative
quality. The article raises the main arguments for this conclusion. Pedagogical tolerance
is a social category. Teachers with an intolerant position use three different behaviour
strategies: “reeducation”, “inactivity” and “rejection” of a partner. The article describes
the interaction modes of tolerant teachers with subjects of the educational process. The
author reveals four personality types of teachers with a high level of pedagogical tolerance: “peaceable”, “collectivist”, “optimist”, “conformable”.
Key words: tolerance, pedagogical tolerance, professionally important quality, tolerant interaction.
1. Nurligayanova O. B. Realizatsiya psikhologicheskogo komponenta pedagogicheskoy deyatel’nosti // Yaroslavskiy pedagogicheskiy vestnik: Psikhologo-pedagogicheskie nauki: nauchnyi zhurnal. Yaroslavl’: Izd-vo YaGPU, 2011. № 3. T. II. S. 201–204.
2. Povarenkov Yu. P. Psikhologicheskoe soderzhanie professional’noy tolerantnosti uchitelya // Vestnik Tomskogo gosudarstvennogo pedagogicheskogo universiteta. 2005. № 1. S. 66–70.
Price: 50 рублей
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