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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 21 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2016

Genre Speci fi cs of the Public Political Rhetoric in the USA

E. Yu. Alyoshina
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 The article’s focus is on the main features of the generalized genres of political public rhetoric as related to the genres of political discourse. Division into genres is based on the principles of goal-setting of the statement and the activity aspect of the communication situation. Discursive analysis is carried out in accordance with the dicteme theory by M.Y. Blokh. Genre specifi city of the text is determined by intention,
expression of pathos and logos, and types of information represented in the text dictemes.
Keywords: political rhetoric, genre, discourse, dicteme, information.
1. Alyoshina E. Yu. Publichnyi politicheskiy diskurs konfliktnoy situatsii. M.:
Prometey, 2015. 220 s.
2. Blokh M. Ya. Diktema v urovnevoy strukture yazyka // Voprosy yazykoznaniya.
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4. Blokh M. Ya., Freydina E. L. Publichnaya rech’ i eyo prosodicheskiy stroy: monogra fi ya. M.: Prometey, 2011. 236 s.
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