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"The Scientific Opinion" №6-7 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2016

MODERN RESOURCES FOR ATTRACTING A CHILD TO READING (based on the experience of booksellers, libraries and publishers in Turkey)

T. G. Galaktionova, A. Byushra
Price: 50 руб.
 The authors of the paper analyse the resources for attracting a child to reading that can be
used by parents in modern Turkey. The results of the book market research are presented
in terms of the assortment and functioning of the booksellers, libraries and publishers.
Based on this research, the authors conclude about the diversity of opportunities in
contemporary Turkish society for attracting children to reading, which should not be
neglected by parents upbringing a young reader.
Key words: attracting to reading, book market, library, publisher, books for children.
Price: 50 рублей
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