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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №17 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2016

Software Package for Investigation of Robust and Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Impulsive Control Systems

N. A. Tseligorov, E. N. Tseligorova, G. M. Mafura
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 This paper focuses on the development and application of a computer modelling software package for investigating uncertainty effects on absolute and robust stability of nonlinear impulsive control systems (NICS). Using the criterion of absolute stability on the equilibrium position, for a nonlinear control system with monotonous characteristics, allows us to simplify the task of finding the absolute stability to the interpretation of the
position of the control systems’ amplitude phase characteristics relative to Popov’s line. In addition, the investigation of robust stability is carried out with the introduction of interval polynomials. The strong Kharitonov theorem is applied, and for each resultant Kharitonov polynomial Popov’s locus is sketched out on the complex plane. This paper proposes a new method to investigate robust absolute stability of NICS. Besides, the
authors have provided an illustrative example.
Keywords: absolute robust stability, nonlinear impulsive system, perturbed polynomial, Popov’s parameter, Popov locus, amplitudephase characteristics, monotonous
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