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"The Scientific Opinion" №4-5 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2016


I. V. Baturina
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 The author of the article analyses the basic ideas of V. Zenkovsky’s philosophy of
creativeness. V. Zenkovsky was a prominent thinker, historian of Russian philosophy,
theologian and author of a great number of works on psychology, pedagogics, cultural and artistic subjects. Zenkovsky’s view on the phenomenon of creative work is unique and original; his vision of the problem of creativeness lies both in philosophy and theology. The article examines Zenkovsky’s works of various periods. It offers a historical and philosophical analysis of Zenkovsky’s ideas in different theoretical and methodological aspects.
Key words: problem of creativeness, ideal factor of consciousness, metaphysical and
godlike human nature, religious faith, freedom, limitless, absolute, creative act, burden
of human life.
1. Zen’kovskiy V. V. Dar svobody // Sobranie sochineniy: v 4 t. M., 2008. T. 2.
2. Zen’kovskiy V. V. Osnovy khristianskoy filosofii // Sobranie sochineniy: v 4 t. M., 2008. T. 4.
3. Zen’kovskiy V. V. Preodolenie platonizma i problema sofiynosti mira // Sobranie sochineniy: v 4 t. M., 2008. T. 1.
4. Zen’kovskiy V. V. Problema psikhicheskoy prichinnosti. Kiev, 1914.
5. Zen’kovskiy V. V. Problemy vospitaniya v svete khristianskoy antropologii. M., 1996.
Price: 50 рублей
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