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"The Scientific Opinion" № 10 (Psycho-pedagogical and Juridical sciences), 2014

Journal Article:
S. T. Gubina , M. A. Bochkareva , O. V. Bogdanova , E. V. Kudritskaya
Self-consciousness of academic choir singers: the study of self-concepts in the “real” and “ideal” contexts
Price: 50 rub.
I. B. Gorbunova, N. A. Berger, G. G. Belov
General music educat ion at school of the Digita l Age
Price: 50 rub.
Y. A. Shevtsova, A. V. Shloma, E. V. Dubitskaya
The psychological investigat ion of ideas ab out gender roles in adolescence
Price: 50 rub.
A. E. Bakhmutsky, T. B. Klyukina, L. A. Yasyukova
Eva luat ion of nondisciplinary skills dynam ics at school
Price: 50 rub.
Price: 300 rub
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