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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Journal Article:
S. A. Yakovleva, A. K. Belyaev, A. A. Buchachenko
Charge Transfer in Cold Collisions of Rubidium Atoms with Calcium and Ytterbium Ions
Price: 50 rub.
Yu. B. Kolesov, Yu. B. Senichenkov, A. Urquia, C. Martin-Villalba
Hybrid Systems. Preliminary Comparative Analysis of Modelica and Model Vision Language
Price: 50 rub.
Yu. B. Senichenkov, Yu. B. Kolesov
Rand Model Designer in Manufacturing Applications
Price: 50 rub.
D. V. Koznov, D. M. Nikolaeva
An Approach to Design Thesis Papers in Software Engineering
Price: 50 rub.
S. L. Maximenko, O. V. Mamoutova, A. S. Filippov, V. F. Melekhin
Design Methodology for Embedded Systems with Built-in Self-Recovery
Price: 50 rub.
M. A. Belyaev, M. H. Akhin, V. M. Itsykson
Improving Static Analysis by Loop Unrolling on an Arbitrary Iteration
Price: 50 rub.
Price: 300 rub
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