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Humanities and Science University Journal № 56 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2020

Forgeries of Ancient Chinese Bronze from Middle Ages

Han Chao
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The history of art forgeries goes back thousands of years. Forger-
ies appeared almost at the same time as the originals, for different 
purposes: they could be copies of works of art in which the author 
did not hide his secondary character, or they could be falsifi cations 
in order to obtain some benefi t or profi t. Ancient Chinese bronze 
products became rarities and collectibles in the Middle Ages, so 
many copies of ancient bronze objects emerged during this period.
Keywords: ancient Chinese bronze, forgery, copies, falsifi cations, tradition.
1. Vasil’yev L. S. Drevniy Kitay: v 3 t. T. I: Predystoriya, Shan-In’, Zapadnoe Chzhou 
(do VIII v. do n. e.). M.: Izdatel’skaya fi rma «Vostochnaya literatura» RAN, 1995. 379 s.
2. Maslov A. A. Kitay: kolokol’tsa v pyli. Stranstviya maga i intellektuala. M.: 
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3. Deydier C. Understanding Ancient Chinese Bronzes. Their Importance in Chinese 
Culture, Their Shapes, Functions and Motifs//Galerie Christian Deydier, 2015. 211 p. 
URL: https://www.deydier.com/livres/iaba/Livre%20EN.pdf (data obrashcheniya: 
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