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The Scientific Opinion №7-8 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2019

Religion in the Life of Modern British Africans

G. A. Karpov
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The paper deals with the peculiarities of African churches, as well as 
the main aspects of interreligious relations. The relevance of the topic 
is due to the fact that the African communities of Great Britain, which 
made up about 1.5% of the country’s population in 2010, belong to 
one of the youngest and fastest growing ethnic groups. As a result of 
the empirical analysis, it was revealed that migrants from Africa are 
represented in almost all spheres of life of British society — politics, 
economy, business, culture, sports, science, mass-media. Africans rely 
on their own religious movements to maintain their worldview and 
specifi c lifestyle. Unlike the Anglican Church, Christian organizations 
of Africans are not in decline, but preserve and accumulate public 
authority, being an integral attribute of the modern life of African 
communities. For Africans who live in the UK, religion serves as a 
cementation factor that helps preserve traditional values, support a 
culture of mutual support and a sense of belonging to their community.
Keywords: African churches, African communities, interreligious relations, African 
migrants, British migrants, religion, new religious movements.
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